maandag 21 januari 2019

Hallway make-over

After the renovation of the living room, it was time to move the focus on our hallway. There wasn't a lot we wanted to change, nothing a little (lot) of paint and some tiny details couldn't fix.


I've always hated the switches in my hallway. They were crooked, the wrong colour, old but not old enough to be a original feature of the house that's been build in 1897. While searching on the internet I stumbled upon the website of where I found several options for sockets and switches in black bakelite. Newly made but looking like the original designs from the 1930s. They would be THE perfect match!

They even look pretty in a flat-lay don't you think.

I also thought the hallway was a bit to sterile, but wanted to keep it black and white next to the old tiles of the original floor, so I decided to paint the bottom of the walls black. The dark wall panelling turned out to be a great decision. It gave a warmer feeling and brought some optical height to the long space. 

 before / after

switches from

And yes the bakelite switches where a great decision. Even though it's just a small change it has a great effect. Family and friends noticed it at once an they all seem to love it. It's as if they've always been a part of it. (Who knows, maybe in the passed some like these where hanging here)
It also called for some new lighting. We had never invested in that before. When we moved in we hung some we had or were given for the time being. Well they were still hanging nine years later. 
I found a great milky white eye-catcher from Hübsch, a Danish interior brand, with some golden details.  Now all that has to be done is to hang frames with several pictures and prints on the wall. Ones there already. The first hole in a fresh painted wall is always the most difficult one don't you agree.

So here it is, the before and after of our hallway. What do you think?



Little changes can make a big difference

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