maandag 17 december 2018

Christmas wrapping

Are you ready with wrapping your Christmas gifts yet? Well I'm not but I have started to figure out how I want to have them look like this year, and I'm gladly sharing this with you.

I've used: * black kraft paper, * a small box (I always save the little ones that come with a delivery), *rope, *dark flower wire, *tape, *scissors *tissue or blotting paper *small branches of rosemary
About the boxes I save. It makes it so much more easier AND prettier to wrap those items with a difficult shape, so those boxes usually come in very handy. Furthermore they get to reused this way.

First I put a piece of straight tissue paper in the box on which I put some on it more which I fumbled up so the little bottle from le Labo stays in it's place. You could sprinkle some glitter in it as well if you don't mind the mess when they unwrap it :)

I fold the under layer of tissue paper together and put a sticker on it. You can now even add a card with a handwritten personal message for the receiver to it.

After closing the box and wrapping it in the black kraf paper (I guess you know how that's done) it's time to make the ornament. I've used rosemary this time but of course you can use any kind of green which bends easily. I started to make a small circle with the wire as a base to wrap the rosemary on. You stick the rosemary branch to it by turning some wire around it. Try to keep the little leaves stick out as much as possible.

 The result is a tiny wreath. In this case it also smells delicious (sniffing my hands now)
You can also use it as a napkin ring at your Christmas dinner!

Place the wreath in the centre of the package and secure it with the rope as you can see below. Of course you could also use some pretty ribbon or secure it on 4 sides in stead of 2 like I did.

Simple yet pretty, just the way I like it. Now all you have to do is put it under the tree and wait for Christmas.

Happy wrapping you all!