zondag 29 juli 2018


Finally we started on our project floor last month. Something we wanted to do for years, but never came around to. When we decided it was time to repaint the downstairs thing sort of kept on rolling en before we new we planned a whole renovation of the living room.

First the wooden floor of the dining area had to be broken out. A tougher job than expected, but after that the demolishing team took care of the rest and all that was left ....

... was a giant pile of sand.
 Cracks appeared in the walls but everyone assured me it all would be alright so I had to trust them and let them do their job (hard sometimes though not to interfere  ;) )

We also had floor heating installed. The floor was open anyway so let add some winter comfort to it, we'll never have cold feet anymore. No more rugs needed for that, hallelujah!

And than the big day arrived, the concrete came in which looked like this ...

and after it was "gevlinderd" it looked like this. Now all we had to do is keep all doors and windows closed and wait ... wait ... wait very patiently ...  for it to dry.

A few days later the result started to show

and three weeks later the floor was ready to be polished and finished.
Meanwhile all the walls and woodwork was painted. That's where it all started. We just wanted a fresh painted living room but things got a bit out of hand (recognize that?)

After a two weeks holiday abroad the paint was dried and hardened so we finally could get the furniture in. All pieces felt into place and we're thrilled with the final result. Now the real fun part starts ... styling it! Best being done when my men are not around. Promise I'll share the results with you