donderdag 9 augustus 2018


Old and new furniture has entered the rooms again. That's the fun part, decorating, styling and seeing how it all comes together.

There's a new (bigger) dining table with the same old Tolix chairs and lamps. 
A small change but it brought a whole new feel to the dining room. 

The same couch and the lamp has switched from the left to the right. Having problems to decide witch colors of cushions I want to use on my couch. Me and colors, a tough combination :)
The previous coffee table got a different destination so a new one is high on my wish list. Still haven't found the perfect one so for now this has to do.

To the right you see what destination the coffee table got. We stacked them together to what it originally was meant for, a rack. I guess the content in it will change regularly.

For now it is dressed up like this.

The fire place isn't quit finished yet. Some small adjustments need to take place, but I'm happy how it came out so far. It's hard sometimes to imagine how the final result will look like for real. I had an idea in my head, but my men and the painter weren't convinced at first if it would work. Well it does!

And this corner is still a bit empty. It is waiting for a costume made cupboard. But first things first, it'll come in due time.

In in all of this the new concrete floor is the hero. We should have done this ages ago.

zondag 29 juli 2018


Finally we started on our project floor last month. Something we wanted to do for years, but never came around to. When we decided it was time to repaint the downstairs thing sort of kept on rolling en before we new we planned a whole renovation of the living room.

First the wooden floor of the dining area had to be broken out. A tougher job than expected, but after that the demolishing team took care of the rest and all that was left ....

... was a giant pile of sand.
 Cracks appeared in the walls but everyone assured me it all would be alright so I had to trust them and let them do their job (hard sometimes though not to interfere  ;) )

We also had floor heating installed. The floor was open anyway so let add some winter comfort to it, we'll never have cold feet anymore. No more rugs needed for that, hallelujah!

And than the big day arrived, the concrete came in which looked like this ...

and after it was "gevlinderd" it looked like this. Now all we had to do is keep all doors and windows closed and wait ... wait ... wait very patiently ...  for it to dry.

A few days later the result started to show

and three weeks later the floor was ready to be polished and finished.
Meanwhile all the walls and woodwork was painted. That's where it all started. We just wanted a fresh painted living room but things got a bit out of hand (recognize that?)

After a two weeks holiday abroad the paint was dried and hardened so we finally could get the furniture in. All pieces felt into place and we're thrilled with the final result. Now the real fun part starts ... styling it! Best being done when my men are not around. Promise I'll share the results with you

dinsdag 8 mei 2018

ice cream

As soon as temperature rises and it is finding it's way above 25 degrees Celsius, by my standard it's time for ice cream. Normally I buy them at the supermarket, but some time ago I got the idea to try and make it myself. The biggest hurdle was to find the right Popsicle form. I wanted a rather particular one which was hard to find, but I finally succeeded at Amazon Germany.

I started the most easy way there is, making a Water Popsicle

They also turned out very photogenic if you ask me. These one were made with water (I added a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten it somewhat)  and some pomegranate seeds. I like the way you can see the seeds through the ice. It turned out to be a colorful one

For the next one I used water with some lemon juice and added a slice of lemon into the mall.

As for the taste ...I have to be honest. They both were very refreshing but didn't have the wow factor, or gave the urge for more. But as I tried these and liked the looks of them so much I couldn't help myself starting playing with this a bit. I decided to make a very special one. 

Not for consuming at all but just for it to be pretty pretty.
My Lilly of the Valley Special

Wanting to take this a bit further and to try and make some serious ice cream I stumbled upon the Instagram  account @ShareLoveNotSecrets and discovered that Marleen has written a book about making ice cream called "altijd ijs" (always ice) You can read more about it here and while reading it it sounded not that hard at all. Uhm maybe I should try one of her recipes first and let you know how that went (me and my big mouth)

For now I just pay attention to the way it looks.

donderdag 3 mei 2018

dining table

My dining table has been with us for a long long time. And over the year it has been one of my favorite places to use for my pictures, You can almost say it was part of my photo "studio"

I showed you my coffee and tea moments on it

Sometimes even while I was poring it  ;)

There were sweets on it occasionally, 

and a whole lot of dinners and good conversations took place here. Of course a pretty table setting could always count on a picture.

It was part of all seasons activities , such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter

Both sides were used to show the world all sorts of my stills  

but I have to admit the left side was always favorite

mainly because of the big garden doors on the left which makes that the light is always the most moody on that side and I prefer that with the grey background.

so it's always been a much used place to take my Instagram pictures, especially the floral ones.

I even did my first (and only one ever) selfie and introduced myself to you while sitting at the table (not noticing than that the lamp above made it look as if I had a silly hat on!)

But now the time has come that my table and me will have to part. After our home renovation is finished it's place will be taken by a new one.  (If you are interested in her just sent me an email)

Luckily enough I have loads of pictures to remember it by. 

dinsdag 17 april 2018

Dinner with Kinto

Some time ago I bought myself some aqua culture vases and that's when I discovered the Japanese brand Kinto (wrote a blog post about it which you can find here). 

Looking at their website I came across some wonderful tea and coffee items and I was especially impressed by their ceramics. Love the minimal look and design of it. When I posted some pictures of their vases on Instagram I came in contact with Kinto Europe and they offered me to try some of the items from the new NORI collection from Kinto. I choose the grey and black colors (who would have guessed!) but it's also available in white and pink. When they arrived at my home I couldn't wait to use them and I came to the conclusion that the NORI bowls and cups where even prettier than I expected. For the pictures below I did some styling with them and they make a lovely table setting.

So now we have dinner with Kinto every once in a while.

zaterdag 7 april 2018

winter vacation

On this years first day with a temperature above 20 degrees C it's very strange to imagine that these where my views just a week ago went we spent Easter 2018 in the snow of Austria. I can assure you, even though it was Spring already, there was more than enough of it. Id did make some beautiful pictures though.

Okay, that's all folks. Now let's enjoy  S P R I N G T I M E  to the fullest!

donderdag 22 maart 2018

Simple Easter DIY

My yearly Easter deco isn't as exuberant as at Christmas time, but I try do do a little bit of it every year. This year I wanted to decorate some Easter Branches, but in my style, monochrome. 
You probably know by now I'm not that colorful. So here's what I did.

Over the year I gathered some feathers which I found in my garden. I sticked them on a piece of card board with some wasi tape all neatly in line.

Next I covered them up with some paper, but let the top of the feathers stick out like this

Now the fun part. Spray Paint!  Of course you can use any color you want, I went for gold.
O, please take your feathers outside before you start spraying ;)

Take of the paper carefully and you see a perfect straight line! Just wait for them to dry now.

All dried, I love how they look so we can go on with our diy

And that's not hard also, just hang them randomly in the branch. I used some flower wire which I attached to the pin of the feather and then bend it into a small hook.

For the final result I added some plastic eggs which I wrapped into white blotting paper and finished off with some rope.  Et voila!

All prepared for Easter now ♥