dinsdag 12 maart 2019

Cinnamon donut balls by Donna Hay

These little donut balls match very well with a cup of coffee or tea.

You need 1 or two muffin molds with 12 holes (depends if you want to make big or small donut balls)


• 185 g of wheat flour
• 1½ tbsp baking powder
• 75 g of fine granulated sugar
• 175 g unsalted butter
• 1 medium sized egg
• 160 ml of semi-skimmed milk
• 75 g of granulated sugar
• ½ tsp of ground cinnamon

1. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl. Add the fine granulated sugar and make a well in the centre of the mixture. Let 125 g of butter melt in a saucepan. Break the egg over a measuring cup and add the milk and the melted butter. Mix everything with a whisk. Pour the egg mixture into the dimple of the flour mixture and beat until it is smooth. Divide the batter over the greased cavities of the muffin mold. Put in the oven for 12 minutes until they have risen and are golden brown.

2. Mix the granulated sugar and cinnamon in a shallow bowl, mix well and set aside. Let the rest of the butter melt in a saucepan while stirring and allow to cool slightly. Remove the muffin form from the oven and allow the balls to cool in the mold for 1 min. Carefully pour on a rack and brush - if they are still hot - with the melted butter. Roll the balls through the cinnamon mixture, so that they are covered all around. Serve the donut balls hot or let them cool on a rack.

Now all you have to do is sit down, poor yourself a nice hot drink, take your time and enjoy!

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