maandag 14 januari 2019

Flower Bulbs (the aqua style)

Because I received so many question and remarks on my Instagram post yesterday , I decided to write a blog-post about styling flower bulbs in water. I've done it for ages because I've always liked to see the roots of the flowers in the glass. 

You can buy all kinds of bulb plant anywhere at the moment and they are always cultivated in soil. So the first thing I do is pull them out the soil and rinse their roots under the water tap until most of it is gone. That way the water stays clear when you put them in it. You can use special bulb, ore the ceramic dishes from sprout are very handy too. But to make it even easier you can put them (together) in any kind of vase or glass as long as they keep on standing straight. Just open up your cupboard and see what's in it.  

I usually use mineral water because it contains more nutrients and minerals instead of regular tap water. Now all you need to do is watch them grow and refill the water once in a while.

Underneath you can find an impression examples of the aqua-bulb-uses I've done over the years. As you can see possibilities are numerous. This way, and spreading them out over different vases, the effect is the middle between a plant an a bouquet of flowers I always think. 

I hope you get inspired to try it as well. If you are and you're gonna post a picture of it on Instagram, please use the hashtag #aquabulbs so I can see which ideas you've come up with. This way I can find inspiration as well.

Good luck trying!

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  1. Verstilling met winters wit

    Lentefrisse sfeermakers

    Kan er naar blijven kijken.........zö mooi en puur!


    1. Ah wat zeg je dat toch mooi Ger. Bedankt voor je lieve reactie en heb een fijne dag xx

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