vrijdag 7 september 2018


I often post flat-lay pictures on my Instagram account, it's so much fun with endless possibilities and it is somehow relaxing to make them. Sometimes I just "throw" some items together and am pleased with the result almost just at ones, but more often you find me sitting on the floor adding, changing, rearranging and strolling through my house and garden for items. 

It all starts by choosing your backdrop. I mostly use a bright one, in this case a white tablecloth, but it can also be the floor, a table top or, very clever, some sticking plastic. You can find it in all sorts of prints, my personal favourite is the white marble. 

After harvesting a great deal of hazelnuts from my garden I thought it would be fun to use them in a not so obvious way and decided to make a hazelnut ice-cream.

I always start with placing the main subject. Rather dull just like this because the colour of the cone and the nuts is very similar so it needs some contrast colour to spice it up don't you agree?

For me green always works, I've got plenty of it around me. I just take my scissors to cut some off in my garden or from one of the plants I have inside.  Oh, and often there is coffee. Don't ask me why, there just is and it is always freshly made. Afterwards I get to drink it as a reward, so maybe that's the reason :)

 I thought this was a bit to much though, and a bit out of  balance, so I removed some again. 
Exit fern! 

And this goes on until I'm totally satisfied, in this case I just had to wrinkle the cloth somewhat to make it look a bit messy which makes it more exciting to look at. 

The final touch is done by editing the picture.

├ęt voila 

You should try it sometimes.
Let me know when you do, I would love to share some on my Instagram stories.

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