vrijdag 14 september 2018

Totally N U T S

Every year in September nuts are falling in my garden, hazelnuts first, than the walnuts, so you often see me whit a bucket strolling through the borders in search of them. There are always way to many for just our 3-persons family so a few years ago I started handing them out. Not in person though, let me tell you what I do. 

I divide them into small bags. The most fun I have is making the bags look somewhat pretty, so I write something on it ... 

(edition 2014)

dress them up wit a ribbon or something, so it looks like a perfect gift.

(edition 2016)

(edition 2016)

The result always brings a smile on my face. When finished, I put them in front of my house and everyone who wants to can take a bag. All I hope is that it'll bring a little smile on their faces too.

Well it's that time of year again, hazelnut-sharing-preps have started!

I know, I'm totally nuts for making such a fuss about it, but I don't mind a bit. 
After all sharing is caring don't you think.

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