donderdag 3 mei 2018

dining table

My dining table has been with us for a long long time. And over the year it has been one of my favorite places to use for my pictures, You can almost say it was part of my photo "studio"

I showed you my coffee and tea moments on it

Sometimes even while I was poring it  ;)

There were sweets on it occasionally, 

and a whole lot of dinners and good conversations took place here. Of course a pretty table setting could always count on a picture.

It was part of all seasons activities , such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter

Both sides were used to show the world all sorts of my stills  

but I have to admit the left side was always favorite

mainly because of the big garden doors on the left which makes that the light is always the most moody on that side and I prefer that with the grey background.

so it's always been a much used place to take my Instagram pictures, especially the floral ones.

I even did my first (and only one ever) selfie and introduced myself to you while sitting at the table (not noticing than that the lamp above made it look as if I had a silly hat on!)

But now the time has come that my table and me will have to part. After our home renovation is finished it's place will be taken by a new one.  (If you are interested in her just sent me an email)

Luckily enough I have loads of pictures to remember it by. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Heb je al een nieuwe op 't oog? Net zo'n fotogeniek exemplaar? ��

    1. De nieuwe tafel staat al op ons te wachten. Of hij net zo fotogeniek zal zijn valt nog te bezien ;)

  2. Heeeeee... blog weer gevonden !!
    Maar nieuwe tafel wordt nog mooierder..😍

  3. Nou dat jij hem weer gevonden hebt! Heel voorzichtig, kan dan zo het restant foto's ook nog gebruiken. Niet meer dan 1 post per week hoor. Jaaaaa veeeeel mooierder!


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