dinsdag 8 mei 2018

ice cream

As soon as temperature rises and it is finding it's way above 25 degrees Celsius, by my standard it's time for ice cream. Normally I buy them at the supermarket, but some time ago I got the idea to try and make it myself. The biggest hurdle was to find the right Popsicle form. I wanted a rather particular one which was hard to find, but I finally succeeded at Amazon Germany.

I started the most easy way there is, making a Water Popsicle

They also turned out very photogenic if you ask me. These one were made with water (I added a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten it somewhat)  and some pomegranate seeds. I like the way you can see the seeds through the ice. It turned out to be a colorful one

For the next one I used water with some lemon juice and added a slice of lemon into the mall.

As for the taste ...I have to be honest. They both were very refreshing but didn't have the wow factor, or gave the urge for more. But as I tried these and liked the looks of them so much I couldn't help myself starting playing with this a bit. I decided to make a very special one. 

Not for consuming at all but just for it to be pretty pretty.
My Lilly of the Valley Special

Wanting to take this a bit further and to try and make some serious ice cream I stumbled upon the Instagram  account @ShareLoveNotSecrets and discovered that Marleen has written a book about making ice cream called "altijd ijs" (always ice) You can read more about it here and while reading it it sounded not that hard at all. Uhm maybe I should try one of her recipes first and let you know how that went (me and my big mouth)

For now I just pay attention to the way it looks.

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