dinsdag 17 april 2018

Dinner with Kinto

Some time ago I bought myself some aqua culture vases and that's when I discovered the Japanese brand Kinto (wrote a blog post about it which you can find here). 

Looking at their website I came across some wonderful tea and coffee items and I was especially impressed by their ceramics. Love the minimal look and design of it. When I posted some pictures of their vases on Instagram I came in contact with Kinto Europe and they offered me to try some of the items from the new NORI collection from Kinto. I choose the grey and black colors (who would have guessed!) but it's also available in white and pink. When they arrived at my home I couldn't wait to use them and I came to the conclusion that the NORI bowls and cups where even prettier than I expected. For the pictures below I did some styling with them and they make a lovely table setting.

So now we have dinner with Kinto every once in a while.

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