maandag 12 maart 2018


I've always had this thing with tulips. They come in so many colors and shapes, but I'm very particular in the of color I do and don't choose. I'm not the kinda "let's take 'm all" kinda girl, more of the one color at a time, mainly white, a few or a big bunch. They are really photogenic and I've used them for that in all kind of ways and in different moods.

In my flatlays for example, to bring some color to it, and the green always accentuates so nice with the white.

Love it when they stand up straight with their bulbs showing ...

But even more when they hang!

And sometimes I make them swirl, as if they dance behind the glass.

They can be portrait light and bright ...

or in a dark grey background depending on the mood I'm in.

And I'm not only buying them for myself, I like to give them away too. So here you are, you can pick your own favorite 


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  1. Geweldig om te zien wat jij toch steeds weer bedenkt om een foto te maken met tulpen. Ik neem het me ook weleens voor, maar ik kom er op de een of andere manier niet aan toe. Je bent zo weer een paar uur kwijt, denk ik....


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