maandag 12 augustus 2019

Bird house xxs

Just before my Summer vacation I received a gift in my mail from Sprout let it grow. In the meantime they have changed their name into "Botanopia" You probably have seen their porcelain plates pass by already, but they also added some new items in their web shop and one of them was this tiny messing bird house. I finally (long overdue) found the time to try to assemble it.

This little plate contained everything for it. I went to this link where I could find the instruction in a handy video how to assemble it all. 

I had to start by pushing them out carefully, not trying to bend it to much.

And by following the instruction it wasn't to difficult anymore to get the final result. A bird house size xxs 

A little piece of jewellery for your plants, how cool is that! 

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