maandag 12 augustus 2019

Bird house xxs

Just before my Summer vacation I received a gift in my mail from Sprout let it grow. In the meantime they have changed their name into "Botanopia" You probably have seen their porcelain plates pass by already, but they also added some new items in their web shop and one of them was this tiny messing bird house. I finally (long overdue) found the time to try to assemble it.

This little plate contained everything for it. I went to this link where I could find the instruction in a handy video how to assemble it all. 

I had to start by pushing them out carefully, not trying to bend it to much.

And by following the instruction it wasn't to difficult anymore to get the final result. A bird house size xxs 

A little piece of jewellery for your plants, how cool is that! 

woensdag 26 juni 2019

Hübsch AW19

As you could read in my previous post I got the option to preview the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection from Hübsch, a day before they officially launched it. I took a ton of pictures, had a hard time to select, but finally succeed to give you an impression of their new collection.

Let's start of with playful, which they achieve by the choice of colours and fabrics. Just a cushion or a plaid can change the look and feel of your couch and the fabrics they use invite you to touch it.

don't you just love the new brushed nickel wall lamp

Even when your base is neutral you can easily add some colour in prints, fabrics and plants.

G L A S W A R E 

in all different colours and shapes, for storage, as a vase or just to look at

for single beauties

O N E  O F  M Y  F A V O U R I T E S

N E U T R A L S  &  F U R N I T U R E

there is also the outdoor collection you don't want to miss 

D E C E M B E R 

Christmas (is) was just around the corner :)

This is just a small impression off what I took home from that terrific day. If you want to see more from Hübsch's Autumn / Winter 2019 you can find their catalogue HERE

Did you get inspired already, I know I did

zaterdag 15 juni 2019

VIP Launch Hübsch AW19

I was invited by Hübsch for their VIP launch of the Autumn/Winter Collection 2019. I've known the brand for several years now and to be able to get a sneak preview of their newest collection was an opportunity I couldn't resits.

So on June 13 I got out of bed early (very early I must admit) to be in time at Schiphol Airport to hop on a plane to Billund, Denmark where I arrived after a one our flight.

At Billund airport Anders from Hübsch was waiting for me to drive me to the hotel in Herning. We had a nice talk about the differences and similarities between our two countries. My first acquaintance with Denmark, was a great one. In no time we arrived at the hotel where they had arranged a room for me. 

It looks like they know me a bit, my favourite colour scheme ☺ 

After unpacking and freshen up I, together with some other lovely ladies, was taken to the Home of Hübsch where we were welcomed by Daniel Henriksen, one of he founders of Hübsch and led into their showroom. After everyone arrived he introduced himself and the rest of the team and told us what to expect for the rest of the day.

After the first glimpse of their collection, taking pictures of course, getting acquainted and having drinks, we got a tour by the design-team. They told us how the new collection came about, the choices they had made for fabrics, colours and materials, and why. So with this in mind, we got the opportunity to stroll through the showroom again, There was a lot of filming and taking pictures going on as you can imagine.

Next up we got a lecture by trend expert Annette Eckman. She told us all about her places of inspiration, Amsterdam and Lisbon being some of them, and why travelling and living is essential.

She made that clear by sharing her pictures with us she's taken while travelling and showed where she found the inspiration and spotted the trends. You can also find them on her Instagram account.

After listening and sitting down for an hour it was time to get active again. Time for some floral excess!

We where led to the photo studio, a gorgeous room, which was filled with flowers. All organically grown by FLOR

After a short introduction we all got to choose our vase and get creative by making our own bouquet and take pictures of it when finished. I tried to incorporate the colours of the Dutch flag into my arrangement a little as you can see ☺

There where different colour backdrops in the studio where you could style your bouquet for the picture. To show how important the backdrop for the mood of a picture is, I took one with different colour backdrops. Which one is your favourite?

And of course, after being that busy you get hungry, dinnertime! Tables where set beautifully, all with Hübsch products of course, and we got to enjoy a delicious all vegan menu (first time for me) with a perfect matching wine and great company. Of course Instagram accounts where exchanged.

Finally there where drinks & drinkish from ISH Spirits. All 'n all it's been a great day which I have to thank Hübsch for. We really received a VIP treatment and I want to thank everyone who made that possible. Especially Sabrina for being so sweet, warm and helpful during my stay in Denmark. 
T H A N K S !

Next time I'll show you the pictures of all the pretty items I came across in their showroom. I've taken so many so I'm still in the process of selection and editing. Keep you posted though!

maandag 10 juni 2019

Gift Wrapping with cloth

In my closet there's a whole stock of old napkins which used to belong to my mother. I never really use them. Some have stains on them and they have all kind of different sizes. Didn't really know what to do with them up until last week. I thought of a way to make good use of them , they are perfect for wrapping!

I started by cutting of the hem on one side so I was able to pull out some of the threads. The result is that you get a frill on one side of the fabric which gives it a pretty effect. Next I cut the napkin into the right size for the parcel.

When wrapping I folded the frilly part on the top op the parcel. I closed the back with some cross stitches (forgot tot to take a picture of that) and tied it up with a suede ribbon. It's hard to get it very straight and tight around the parcel (which I normally find very necessary when wrapping with paper, OCD I know).

As a finishing touch I used some flowers (OF COURSE) which I got from my garden. This time these little ones which look like tiny buttons. That's why in Dutch they are called "hemdenknoopjes".

So this way my mother's napkins where brought into good use finally.  
There are still many more to be used for all kind of pretty wrapping.

maandag 3 juni 2019

The Poster Club

I got the opportunity to try The Frame Paint by the Posterclub, which they recently launched.

The frame paint is made in collaboration with the Danish design brand File Under Pop. File Under Pop combines craftsmanship and modern technology with the aim of creating characteristic surfaces and finishes. With File Under Pop’s competences within texture and colors, and THE POSTER CLUB’s internationally acknowledged selection of curated art prints and frames, they have jointly developed a unique selection of frame paint to bring out the best in the art prints. 

You can choose from a wide range of colours, matching the art print or your interior. You can find their actual selection HERE

I chose the print from "By Garmi NG02" and the colour Little beige Sambo. This colour matches the ones in the art print.  

All you have to do is to make sure the frame is clean and dry and you start carefully painting the frame evenly with a brusch. When the first layer has dried up you can sand it down lightly, remove the dust and apply a second or even a third layer. 

You leave it to dry for 24 for hours before assembling the frame. When that's done all you have to do is find a good spot for it to hang.

Mine found it's way to the kitchen.

If you're interested to see more possibilities and inspiration you should check their website.

(This post is made in collaboration with The Posterclub)

dinsdag 23 april 2019

The patience of growth

In October last year I received this gift kit from Sprout  

Sprout is a porcelain accessory which makes it possible to grow seeds. You can place it on top of a vase or glass just as you like. But first you have to get in to the process of germination, and that takes time. Sometimes a very long time as I've experienced. 

I also bought an avocado which I cut open to undo the pit and peel it off with a sharp knife.

The other acorns and pits I soaked in water first and just followed the instructions I received with it. You can also find a numerous of videos here on their website. And than all you have to do is being patient and see what happens, checking it out weekly.

One of the seeds started to grow very early

while others took their time ..

The one below grew so fast en high I had to let it lean against the wall or it would fall over. Which it finally did one day. I tried planting it in soil, but sadly that didn't work either.

The avocado pit started to grow roots, lot's off them. After months of watching it develop only under water I had almost given up on it, and the acorn wasn't doing anything. It looked like a failed project.

But than, about five months later, the magic started. The avocado pit and the acorn finally started to grow upwards almost at the same time!

I'm so glad I didn't give up on them. Maybe they just waited for spring to start, while days get longer and temperature is rising. I have no idea but as it is, they sure took me by surprise. Soon I will plant them into soil, but I want to look at them on their beautiful sprout looking pretty just for a little while longer. 

So for those of you who tried but have given up before anything happened ...
Be patient, very patient for it'll happen when you least expect it