maandag 10 juni 2019

Gift Wrapping with cloth

In my closet there's a whole stock of old napkins which used to belong to my mother. I never really use them. Some have stains on them and they have all kind of different sizes. Didn't really know what to do with them up until last week. I thought of a way to make good use of them , they are perfect for wrapping!

I started by cutting of the hem on one side so I was able to pull out some of the threads. The result is that you get a frill on one side of the fabric which gives it a pretty effect. Next I cut the napkin into the right size for the parcel.

When wrapping I folded the frilly part on the top op the parcel. I closed the back with some cross stitches (forgot tot to take a picture of that) and tied it up with a suede ribbon. It's hard to get it very straight and tight around the parcel (which I normally find very necessary when wrapping with paper, OCD I know).

As a finishing touch I used some flowers (OF COURSE) which I got from my garden. This time these little ones which look like tiny buttons. That's why in Dutch they are called "hemdenknoopjes".

So this way my mother's napkins where brought into good use finally.  
There are still many more to be used for all kind of pretty wrapping.

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